Welcome To The Tot Spot Learnign Center
Honey Bear Babies - Our Infant Experience

Entrusting a child care provider with your new infant is a hard decision for families. It is a service that we do not take lightly. It is the Tot Spot Learning Center’s mission to provide the most personalized care possible for your infant. We offer daycare for children that are six weeks old to six years. Our program can be designed to be full time or part time enrollment depending on what meets your family’s needs.

The first year of life is critical to development, so we make sure that we enrich each child’s life! Teachers use play, songs, discovery learning, and sign language to develop each child’s senses. We help each child build social, language, and motor skills depending on their stage of development.

As in all of our classes, sign language is a key element to our infant curriculum. Sign language at an early age provides an avenue for a child to communicate successfully with the world.

Upon admission, you will be asked to provide a written recipe for success for your child. Combined with your feedback, caring teachers and a stimulating curriculum, your child will flourish at Tot Spot Learning Center.
Teddy Bear Toddlers and Kuddly Koalas - Our Toddler Experience

As a toddler, the child is learning to discover the world. Each day is a new adventure and they absorb all enrichment around them. At Tot Spot Learning Center we try to foster this discovery-rich attitude.

The Tot Spot Learning Center has a theme based curriculum based off of the PA State Standards for Early Childhood Education. Each lesson is designed specifically for specific children to meet their developmental needs.

Each day our classroom teachers present enriching classroom activities through circle time, centers, art projects, creative dramatics, discovery learning, and stories. Teachers begin presenting instruction on letters, colors, numbers, and weather. Using a sense of “play” our classes are built to entertain and enrich their young minds.

In addition, our toddlers also take classes in sign language. This offers the children another mode of communication with the world.

Overall, our Toddlers have well-developed learning time and outdoor experiences.