Welcome To The Tot Spot Learnign Center

The Tot Spot Learning Center is a family-oriented learning center which is determined to meet the educational needs of each child. Unlike corporate centers, our educational programming is hand selected by teachers and our Director. Lessons are not prepared in a corporate office, but by using individual assessments to meet each child’s needs. These first few years of learning are so critical that only the best care and attention should be paid. At Tot Spot Learning Center, we are educating the future by meeting their individual needs now!

The Tot Spot Learning Center believes children need a warm, supportive environment in which to learn and grow. The Tot Spot Learning Center offers high quality childcare that is designed to meet the needs of your child. Our program provides children with the opportunity to learn through the use of exciting activities while meeting their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs. Our Learning Center accepts children from six weeks until 5 years old. We are here to support your family as it grows.

Our History

In April 2005, the Tot Spot Learning Center was founded in Collegeville. Close to Route 422 and many large corporations; the company quickly grew. Through positive testimonies from families, like yours, the Center has flourished. Today it still is meeting its original goals of developing children during the critical early years of life.

Tot Spot Learning Center is a Keystone Stars participant, which is an optional, certification program designed to improve Early Childhood Education in PA. Through this program we are constantly trying to improve our quality of service to families and better educate our staff to meet these needs.

Jill Page- Owner/Administer